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Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

8011 Douglas
Dallas, Texas 75225

Phone: 214-363-5471
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After Hours Priest on Call Number: 214-232-7512

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Adult Sunday Classes

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Saint Michael Chapel Coke Activities Room Parish Hall Chapel Conference Room
February 7, 2016

Spirituality for the Second Half of Life
Doug Travis

Jesus the Story Teller
Shelly Vescovo

Why Abram?
Bill Murray

Bombshell God
Greg Pickens

February 14, 2016

Br. Mark Brown

Jesus the Story Teller
Shelly Vescovo

Abram becomes Abraham
Hunter Ruffin

A god Worthy of Being God
Greg Pickens

February 21, 2016

Spirituality for the Second Half of Life
Doug Travis

The Miracles of Jesus
Bob Penn

Hospitality of Abraham
Bill Murray

Jesus Grieves Pagan Pain
Greg Pickens

February 28, 2016

Parish Meeting - No Classes


FORUM – Saint Michael Chapel
Meredyth Cole, Head of ESD will open the series for the spring; Chick Deegan, Doug Travis, and Br. Mark Brown will also be speaking throughout the spring. In addition, The Forum is the venue where regular reports from the Search Committee will be discussed.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY – Coke Activities Room
This spring, parishioners and guest speakers will address the many avenues we have in scripture to understand, "Who Is Jesus?"

FELLOWSHIP – Parish Hall
This new class welcomes all parishioners, and particularly those in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, for fellowship, conversation, and learning about how our faith finds expression in our daily lives. This Spring theme is FRESH START: Does the Bible speak to Our Lives today?

Led by the Rev. Bill Murray and guest speakers, this class offers a community, fellowship, and exploration of those values we hold most dear and the challenges to our faith in today’s world.  

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