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April 13
Palm Sunday - no classes
April 20
Easter Sunday - no classes

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THE RECTOR'S FORUM  "Basic Christianity - Anglican Style" (Saint Michael Chapel)
The theme for Bob Dannals' class this year is "Basic Christianity, Anglican Style". What makes the Episcopal Church's world view different from other denominations? What is the particular lens through which we experience the Christian story? Beginning with "10 Reasons Why I Love the Episcopal Church", the Rector leads class members through the major foundational basics of our faith: The Ten Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, worship, The Apostle's Creed, how our faith impacts us in times of trouble, and the Four Movements of the Spiritual Life. Everyone is welcome.

FAMILY FOUNDATIONS: Faithful Marriage in the Real World (ESD Library)
Led by Greg and Noralyn Pickens in the ESD Library, this class will explore Christian marriage. Keeping God as the center of a joyful marriage can be a challenge when the stresses of aging parents, family, careers, and retirement shifts the focus from our partner to ourselves or others. How can holy fighting and hard-fought joys bring you together as a couple?  We will delve into the ways that couples can live out a faith-filled relationship. We will have class discussions that take on the normal ups and downs in marriage growth and longevity. There will also be opportunities to go out as a group for fun and fellowship.  Supporting literature includes "The seven principles for making marriage work" and "Ten lessons to transform your marriage," among others.  All are welcome and no reading is required.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: The Lives of Jesus (Coke Activities Room)
Why were the four Gospels written, and why did they come to be called “Gospels”? Why do Matthew, Mark, Luke and John often portray Jesus, his ministry, and his teaching so differently? How is our appreciation of Jesus and the Gospels enriched by knowing their social, political, religious and cultural contexts? This class aims to show how an understanding of the differing Gospel portraits of Jesus contributes to a deeper understanding of the roots of our faith. Everyone is invited to attend. Led by Kevin Huddleston, Irwin Sentilles, and Victor Furnish.

INQUIRERS'  SERIES (Church Parlor)
Why should I bother with Church? Why do priests wear crazy clothes? Why should I read the Bible? How many angels would fit on the head of a pin? Do you have questions? Do you need a safe place to start asking them? If you do, then our Fall Inquirer’s Series at St. Michael and All Angels is the place! 

We practice a generous Christianity at St. Michael that invites all kinds of questions about every aspect of faith. As an Inquirer, we will help you journey more deeply into God, Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and things that really matter. Led by the Reverend Michael Dangelo along with clergy and lay ministers, our Inquirer’s series is for all seekers – newcomers, long-time churchgoers, skeptics, or those who haven't thought about their faith in a long time. 

For information on this class, contact Ann Mills () or Tish Visinsky ().

SUNDAYS IN LENT (Chapel Conference Room)
This Lent Saint Michael offers a special Sunday Class which will help us focus on our Lenten journey toward Easter. Consider making this class a part of your Lenten Discipline. March 9 and 16,  Tom Rhodus will lead a presentation and discussion of THE LAST WEEK: WHAT THE GOSPELS REALLY TEACH ABOUT JESUS’ FINAL DAYS IN JERUSALEM by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. This books leads us day-by-day through Holy Week, Palm Sunday through Easter. March 23 and 30,  Stephanie Embrey Walker leads the class through presentation and discussion of the process of “Repenting and Forgiving,” an important part of our preparation for resurrection on Easter and every day of our lives.

Newly formed again, the Couples Sunday Class welcomes all, particularly those who parent, grand-parent, or just enjoy children birth through 5th grade. The topics for each Sunday are selected by a Steering Committee of parents who have an investment in making their family the strong foundation from which their children will experience the world. Grounded in our Christian faith and pragmatic about the joys and challenges of marriage, parenting, work, relationships and spiritual growth, this community of faith through both lecture and discussion explores what modern faith is like. For suggestions about speakers and topics, please contact Rachel and Ross Morgan through the Adult Formation office.