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Faithful Living


Coke Activities Room 

Saint Michael Chapel

Parish Hall

September 24, 2017

Teaching Series, Ex 16 – God Provides Manna
Mary Lessmann
Heresy 3 – My Idea of God is Better than Yours
Bill Murray

October 1, 2017

Teaching Series Ex 17 – Water from the Rock
Tom Blackmon
Heresy 4 – One Bad Priest Spoils the Barrel
Bill Murray

October 8, 2017

 A Grief Observed
Gloria Hocking &
Elizabeth Lang
Teaching Series Ex 20 – The Ten Commandments
Mary Lessmann
Heresy 5 – God Forgives so Do What You Want
Eric Liles

October 15, 2017

 On Being a Faithful Muslim and American
Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni
Teaching Series Ex 32 – The Golden Calf
Mary Lessmann
Did Jesus Exist Before He Was Born?
Bill Murray

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This class welcomes a variety of speakers exploring aspects of our faith.

Faithful Living

As Christians, we are called not just to understand our faith, but to apply it in our lives.  Faithful Living will explore issues of faith with an eye not just to understanding how it is addressed in Scripture, but how we are to intentionally incorporate it into our day to day living.  Questions, discussion, and shared experiences will be a part of the offering.


The Fellowship class is a place for people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s to gather teaching, learning, and conversation. Fr. Bill Murray will lead a discussion on heresy in the church and invite class members to talk about how we understand our faith today.