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Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

8011 Douglas
Dallas, Texas 75225

Phone: 214-363-5471
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After Hours Priest on Call Number: 214-232-7512

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Saint Michael Chapel ESD Library Coke Activities Room Church Parlor
February 1
The Anglican Divines and the Puritans: Laud, Cromwell, and Taylor
-Bill Murray
The Way Love Works,
Chapter 6
-Noralyn Pickens
About the Psalms: The Little Bible
-Irwin Sentilles
The Sacraments and Christian Growth
-Greg Pickens
February 8
Music for the Masses: Charles and John Wesley
-Bill Murray
How to Crash Love, Chapter 7
-Greg and Noralyn Pickens
About Insiders and Outsiders
-Victor Furnish
Being a Caring Christian; Being a Pastoral Church
-Lisa Flores
February 15
Thomas Bray: Reforming England and Maryland
-Bill Murray
How Love Soars,
Chapter 8
-Greg and Noralyn Pickens
About the Historical Jesus
-Irwin Sentilles
Building Healthy, Faithful Community and Families
-Bob Dannals

February 22

Annual Meeting

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THE FORUM, Saint Michael Chapel - Led by  Bob Dannals and Bill Murray
What makes a person a hero/heroine of Christian history; or what makes a narrative a literary classic in Christian tradition? Just this: by decades and generational influence in shaping believers, seekers, and skeptics alike with the transforming grace of God.
During the coming year, the Rector and the Vicar, Bob Dannals and Bill Murray, will focus on the important people and stories of our faith with the hope that through these personalities and narratives we will be drawn into deeper faith and new dimensions of discipleship.

FOUNDATIONS: Faithful Marriage in the Real World, ESD Library - Led by Noralyn and Greg Pickens
From practical wisdom to the latest science: Marriage in the Real World promotes the conversations that strengthen our marriages. Relying on scripture, Book of Common Prayer, and highly acclaimed marriage authors, this gathering fosters real relationships in the real world.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: The Bible Says What ?!, Coke Activities Room - Led by Kevin Huddleston, Irwin Sentilles, Vic Furnish
After tackling basic questions related to the origins, authority, and interpretation of the Bible, presenters will “google” the biblical writings on a wide range of topics. Come prepared to be surprised, challenged, instructed, and inspired by discussions of subjects like God, prophecy, and dealing with differences.  

THE INQUIRERS' SERIES,  Parlor - Led by Bill Murray and staff
Why should I bother with Church? Why do priests wear crazy clothes? Why should I read the Bible? How many angels would fit on the head of a pin? Do you have questions? Do you need a safe place to start asking them? If you do, then our Fall Inquirer’s Series at St. Michael and All Angels is the place! 

We practice a generous Christianity at St. Michael that invites all kinds of questions about every aspect of faith. As an Inquirer, we will help you journey more deeply into God, Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and things that really matter. Led by the Reverend Bill Murray along with clergy and lay ministers, our Inquirer’s series is for all seekers – newcomers, long-time churchgoers, skeptics, or those who haven't thought about their faith in a long time. 

For information on this class, contact Ann Mills ( ) or Tish Visinsky ( ).