Youth Confirmation has moved to 8th Grade!

Why did we move confirmation from 6th to 8th grade?

The decision has been determined by Independent research on the receptiveness and critical thinking associated with the profound commitment that Confirmation brings to one’s own faith.

This move follows in the direction of similarly sized churches who have made comparable changes to their program in response to this research and their own community.

We believe this change will not only give our youth a better chance to grow in their own faith but also encourage commitment in other youth-related programs offered at the church.

This shift in the program will be effective Fall of 2020, with steps being taken in the time between to fully prepare for its implementation.

What does this mean for your 6th grader?

We are very excited that our whole parish, all ages, are engaging in God’s Story. God’s Story is an exciting new curriculum which will be taught in the 6th through 8th grade Sunday classes. This curriculum will be taught in parallel with the 10:00 am adult formation class, allowing youth to learn from the same material as their parents while being in a youth-centered environment. This will grant youth the opportunity to engage with their parents and family on what everyone learned, leading to all being involved in the conversation.

For 8th graders and older, we will offer a six-week course in the spring of 2019 and 2020 for those who have joined Saint Michael or missed the fall year program. For questions or more information? Contact: Chase Monson

Other ways to get involved

We would love to welcome your 6th grader into our Youth Ministry programs with our Middle School Retreat (similar to the Confirmation Retreat we offered last August). This retreat is a fantastic chance for your child to experience Saint Michael and All Angels youth program for the first time in a fun and friendly environment. Sign-up Now! More details can be found HERE as well as several other special event offerings in August.

Sunday afternoons we will have some excellent and fun plans for our youth. We have also planned a Healthy and Holy Sexuality Program. The dates will be the Sundays of September 23, 30, and October 7, 14.