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Preparing For Death and Christian Burial

CLICK HERE for the Saint Michael Funeral Guide.

Tying Up Loose Ends

 “Tying Up Loose Ends”  is a five session seminar presented by Pastoral Care examining the last stage decisions of life.  The class was led by the Rev.  Patty Willett and the Rev. Jim Webb, with guest speakers Wendy Fenn (hospice) and John Phillips (estate planning). 

Click here for an outline of the entire five-week course

 "Starting the Conversation with Loved Ones"- Patty Willett and Jim Webb (audio- popup or download)

1.  Children with Parents

2.  Spouse/partner with the affected one, or other combination

3.  Family member with family member

"Last Days and Pastoral Care"- Gus Seeberger to introduce Wendy Fenn (audio- popup or download)

1.  Medical Costs, Caregiving, and family stress

a.  Statistics -- amount spent near end of life seminal research

b.  Medical model goals vs. hospice goals

c.  Hard Choices For Loving People, by Hank Dunn, a hospice chaplain, about the choices one faces as the end of life approaches

2.  Who to consult

a.  Medical doctor

b.  Clergy

c.  Family - importance of getting on the "same page"

d.  Funeral Home - make decision early, before the crisis is upon you

3.  Hospice

a.  See for information about an excellent local, faith-based, not-for-profit hospice

b. for national information about hospice in general

 "Estate Planning"- John Phillips (audio- popup or download)

1.  Wills, DNR's, power of attorneys, Advance Directives, long term care- possibly fill out in class

2.  The outline of the class is here, and the detailed powerpoint is here

3.  Click here, here, here, and here for estate planning documents

"Preparing for the Time of Death"- Patty Willett (audio- popup or download)

Using "A Guide for Christian Burial"

1.  Planning the funeral (traditional burial, cremation, etc.)

2.  Planning the funeral/memorial service - Part 1

April 10- "Funerals"- Patty Willett and Jim Webb

1.  Planning the funeral/memorial service - Part 2  - Willett

2.  Where is everything and who is in charge - Webb

3.  Click here for Saint Michael's funeral guide