Pickens 1 webThe Rev. Greg Pickens, Associate for Operations and Pastoral Care is a homegrown diocesan priest.

Greg Pickens has been on the road since he was born, almost.  Greg was born in Oklahoma City, started 6th grade in New Orleans, and finished High School in Houston. He received a degree in economics from the University of Texas and worked as an accountant in Atlanta.  He then worked as an executive recruiter in the computer services industry before using that background to be an applications manager for an international information services company. “I was traveling 100% of the time, having a great life,” Greg said.

Taking the long way to the priesthood, Greg’s rector at Holy Nativity in Plano first suggested that he might be called to ordained ministry and about one and a half years later, another priest friend reinforced the idea. “I have always been deep into all the churches I have been a part of,” he said. “It was other people looking at what I was doing and suggesting I think about it.”

Pickens 3 webHe began his theological studies at Nashotah House in Wisconsin, and worked at a parish in downtown Milwaukee.  It was there he met his wife, Noralyn, and her daughter Annie. Once he received his Master of Divinity degree he returned to the Diocese of Dallas.  Greg has served three parishes in the Diocese of Dallas, Holy Trinity Garland, Saint Mark’s Irving, as well as Saint Michael and All Angels.

The Pickens family has been together for almost 10 years and Annie is now 17 years old.  They have had Allie, their Doberman Pinscher, for 9 years.  In his free time Greg enjoys golfing when the weather is nice, and photography.  Pickens 2 webGreg is a longstanding fan of the Baltimore Orioles and the Seattle Mariners.  Why, you ask?  Because, as he says, he has a “thing for the underdogs.”

“Invitation, teaching, and pastoral care are the three pillars of my ministry,” Greg says.  Out of the three, pastoral care tops his list. “If I could not do hospital visits, I could not be a priest.  That’s ground zero.  I enjoy everything about being a priest but that’s the lynchpin.”