Discovery Class offered in the Fall and Spring

Interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church and the way of life it offers? Whether you’re considering joining the church or need a refresher course, come join us as we learn more about the faith, worship, practices and governance of the Episcopal Church as well as the traditions, programs, and fun that Saint Michael offers.

For more information, please contact Anne Schmidt at (214) 363-5471 or by email.


6th Grade Disciples Confirmation Class

The Disciples Confirmation Class is for 6th grade students. It focuses on the way confirmation furthers our faith journey with a focus on a biblical foundation and a knowledge of the church. In Disciples class, students participate in a high-energy, interactive, large group experience and also spend an entire year with a "tribe," or small group, led by two adults. In addition to Sunday morning classes, there are two service opportunities — one in the fall and one in the spring — followed by a retreat at Sky Ranch, Kick-Off Party, and "Bring a Mentor" Sunday.

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