April 30, 2017 @ 10:05 am – 10:50 am
The Rev. Greg Pickens

Sunday, April 30 “Protect yourself legally and medically” with Bennett Cullum and “Directing your gifts to Saint Michael” with Robin Robinson • Parlor

We all know how important it is to plan. We plan our weddings and our education, we plan for children, and our retirement.  However, it is true that sometimes we neglect to attend to the details of that time when our health will decline and finally we go into everlasting life with our Lord. There are many reasons why we do not make time to plan for the end of our life: we don’t believe death will catch us unawares, the planning information can be confusing, etc.

Beginning on April 30, Pastoral Care will host a program named “Organizing for Heaven”. In it, we will gather experts in the fields of legal issues, planned giving, hospice, funeral planning, and our columbarium.  For three sessions, we will discuss the fundamentals of living the last few years of life in dignity.  Please join us for any session or all of them – you are welcome.