A new preaching and teaching series this fall, “Choosing Freedom – Our Journey with God,” will focus on The Book of Exodus and the choices the Israelites faced in their journey to freedom.  On Sunday, September 10 the Rector Chris Girata will begin a seven week series of sermons at 9:00 and 11:00 in the church exploring how the Israelites’ journey to freedom relates to choices we have in our journey with God.  The “Choosing Freedom – Our Journey with God” series will continue at 10:00 in Saint Michael Chapel with the Rev. Mary Lessmann and the Rev. Tom Blackmon expanding on what the journey tells us about God and ourselves, how it plays out in the New Testament, and how it looks in our lives today.

October 22 – Moses Sees God’s Glory

October 15 – The Golden Calf

October 8 – The Ten Commandments

October 1 – Water from the Rock

September 24 – God Provides Manna

September 17 – Through the Red Sea

September 10 – Set Apart for God/Passover