We have been called by Christ to a shared mission in the world, and each year we recommit to travel the way with one another.  The mission and ministry of Saint Michael seek to make disciples of love for a world in need and our efforts take faith and trust in one another.  Your annual gift builds that faith and trust.

Last fall Saint Michael conducted a survey which allowed parishioners to express their views on what is most important to them in a church home.  The Vestry reviewed and summarized that feedback and established a broad goal for 2017 to “grow membership and enthusiasm in a new era for Saint Michael”.  The Vestry then identified specific priorities to achieve that goal.   They are:

  1. Become the standard for worship excellence
  2. Engage young adults and families with meaningful programming and outreach
  3. Make targeted improvements to the church campus
  4. Strengthen communication efforts to welcome, engage and inform parishioners and visitors

This year our stewardship efforts will be different in three ways.  The first difference is that we want you to know how the church uses our donations.  Each week we will feature different Ministry Moments about the impact the church has on the community.

The second difference is that the stewardship committee wants to highlight how your pledges will be used in 2017.  See below for the 4 key priorities that Chris and vestry want to accomplish.

The final difference has to do with how the stewardship pledges are collected.  You should have received your personalized stewardship letter in the mail this week.  We hope that you will spend some time with your family thinking and praying about your commitment.  You can either mail the form or bring it with you to church on Sunday, October 23rd.  We will be collecting pledge cards in addition to gratitude cards during each service.  This visible and communal demonstration of our support and gratitude for Saint Michael will be very powerful.

Ways to Give to Saint Michael and All Angels

Annual Commitment:

Your annual stewardship pledge to Saint Michael helps sustain the daily operations of our church. It takes approximately $150,000 a week to operate our church.

Legacy or Estate Giving:

Make Saint Michael and All Angels a part of your legacy planning by putting the church in your will. It ensures that the church’s service will continue to live and grow.

Saint Michael Foundation Endowment Fund:

A Foundation Endowment gift is a wonderful way to remember and honor your loved ones, and it helps ensure that the heritage of Saint Michael and All Angels will continue long into the future.

What does it mean to make a pledge?

The difference between a gift and a pledge is different. Although giving is generous, giving is very general.  Pledging is something more specific and deeply spiritual. Most of us want our faith in Christ to be central to our life, but until we literally put our money where our mouth is, the desire to put Christ first will only remain a desire. Money is what drives our world, and if we aren’t careful, money will end up driving us too. A pledge is a way of committing to the hope that we can and will transcend the pitfalls of this world with God’s help.

A pledge by December 31 also helps the church estimate its revenues for the upcoming year so that it can set its budget appropriately.  The church does not run a deficit budget.

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How do I pay my pledge?

You can request weekly offering envelopes or ask the church to set up automatic giving to fit your budgeting schedule, (MasterCard, Visa, or ACH debit). To manage a recurring donation online, you will be prompted to choose an option when you make your pledge. Gifts of appreciated stock are also accepted.

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I take my commitments seriously. I’m thinking about pledging, but I’m concerned about my employment status. If I have a change in my status, can I adjust my pledge?

Yes, your estimate of giving can be changed at any time for any reason in a confidential way. Just contact Caroline Marak.

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I’m a young adult and I don’t have a lot to give right now. Will my pledge of a small amount make a difference?

Yes! If everyone who hasn’t been giving committed to give (regardless of the amount), the church could surpass our current level of giving. Your gift makes a great deal of difference.

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I have given faithfully in the past, but I have never made a formal pledge. Why should I?

We are grateful for your stewardship in any form at Saint Michael. Our Annual Stewardship Campaign is critically important because it is the revenue base on which the Vestry depends for funding the ongoing budget of the church. The church budget is built with the pledges of parishioners.

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Who has access to my giving amounts?

The only people with ongoing access to the giving rolls are the Rector and Contributions staff.

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When does my pledge go into effect?

January 1, 2017. You may prepay a pledge at any time or pay at yearend if it better fits your family’s budget.

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Will Saint Michael send me statements?

Yes, if you give, you will receive a quarterly statement of your contributions for your tax records and to confirm the accuracy of our records. In addition, you will receive a 5th quarter statement in January, 2018.

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