The Foundation of Saint Michael and All Angels is essential to the vitality, growth, stability and success of our parish. Its grants support the mission of the Parish; consistent with priorities established by the Vestry and the Rector. The Foundation supports special opportunities and challenges for creative ministry and helps meet the non-operational, long range goals of our Parish. Contributions, beyond annual stewardship giving, can be made for a designated purpose such as music, outreach, or youth ministry, or can be undesignated and used for programs and projects proposed by the clergy, staff and Vestry.

During the past five years, the Foundation has granted more than $500,000 to support church initiatives including:

  • Saint Michael’s Farmers Market, a community outreach ministry
  • Department of Lay Ministry Engagement to encourage greater involvement by all parishioners
  • Parish Nurse Program, promoting health awareness throughout the church
  • A new playground ground facility, enhancing the offerings of the Saint Michael Preschool and the Children and Family Ministry
  • Financing for the new Courtyard Columbarium
  • The Jubilee Park neighborhood revitalization project which has been recognized throughout Dallas and the national Episcopal Church

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is governed by a 15 member board of trustee elected by the parish, which oversees a professionally managed perpetual fund invested for capital growth and preservation. Grants are made only from interest earned on the investments. Grant requests are approved by the Church’s Finance Committee and Vestry prior to being submitted to the Foundation. If you are interested in making a gift to the Foundation or want additional information contact Lowell Duncan.

Saint Michael and All Angels Foundation 2018


Term Expires

Charles (Charlie) Sartain President 2020
Bill Peeler Treasurer 2020


Katherine Blachly 2020
Kalita Blessing 2020
Peggy Carr 2022
Nita Clark 2020
Harriet Cousins 2024
Larry Galvin 2024
Dare Gillette 2022
Alan Lassiter 2024
David Martin 2022
Tamara O’Connor 2022
Darrel Rice 2024
Stewart Thomas 2022
Matthew Waller 2024

Ex Officio

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata, Rector
Kathy Kelley, Saint Michael Treasurer
Jay Lipscomb, Vestry Representative
Lowell Duncan, Director of Legacy Planning