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Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

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Phone: 214-363-5471
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Good Shepherd Ministry

To build the Kingdom of God by responding in love to those in need.  I give you a new commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

John 13:34

As a member of Saint Michael you belong to a very special parish of several thousand families.  You are one of many who are experiencing the joys and sorrow of daily Christian living.  Each day there will be marriages, births and other happy occasions.  There will also be illnesses and deaths.  Most of us will need love and    understanding during these times. 

Helping our neighbors that as God teaches us, we should love and care for one another not only with words but by simple deeds.  Each of us is asked to be a channel of Christ’s love by responding to each other’s needs.  The Good Shepherd Ministry is a ministry of caring through presence and communication.   Interested?  Contact Ann Mills-


Good Shepherd Ministry Mission

To build a sense of community within the larger geographical area of Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church by responding to immediate needs with neighbor helping neighbor.

Called to Community -  Transformed by Grace  -  Sent to Serve

Good Shepherd Regional Shepherds 2012 

What We Do

The Regional Shepherds distribute information and oversee the Neighborhood Shepherds.  There are at least one or two Neighborhood Shepherds in each of the 101 areas into which the entire church membership is geographically divided.  It is important for each of us to know his or her neighbors and shepherds.

The Neighborhood Shepherds are the liaisons between the neighbors and the church, and coordinate any help needed in the neighborhood.  The shepherds are in contact with their neighbors at least twice a year by phone and/or cards.

If there is a birth, death, illness or a new member in the area the church notifies the Chairman who in turn notifies the Regional Shepherd who passes this information      directly to the Neighborhood Shepherds.  The shepherds contact the parishioner to  offer help and, if needed, enlists the help of other neighbors.  The Regional Shepherd follows up on the response that is made.


How Shepherds Tend To Their Flock

To welcome a newcomer:

1. Send the new parishioner a note to welcome them to the neighborhood along with a copy of the neighborhood list showing other Saint Michael parishioners living in the area.

2. Invite them to join you and other neighbors for coffee.

3. Call to remind them of upcoming events at church.  Encourage them to meet you there!


In the case of illness or death:

1. Pray for the family.

2. Make a phone call to let the family know that the parish cares.

3. Put the family on the parish prayer list with their permission.

4. Help prepare or coordinate a meal for the family.

5. House sit during a funeral.

6. Send a card or note to express sympathy.


To celebrate a happy occasion:

1. Send the parishioners in your neighborhood birthday cards.

2. Make a phone call or send a note to congratulate them on their wedding or birth of their baby.


GS Dinner 2011 - GS Volunteers Dinner 2011How Can I Help?

When you receive a call or letter from your Shepherds introducing themselves, you can help by letting your Shepherds know that you would be willing to assist in your neighborhood.

Make sure you contact the church and let them know when you are ill, in the hospital, celebrating the birth of a new baby, etc.  Give the church permission to let your shepherds know what is going on so they can be of assistance as well.  Don’t forget to let your shepherds know if there is anything they can do to help you during the year. 


Important Contacts

Saint Michael and All Angels Main Phone: #214-363-5471

(call this # to notify the clergy, the assistant for Pastoral Care or church receptionist when you or your family member goes into the hospital or is in need of pastoral care.)


Priest-on-Call:  #214-232-7512

(when a death or emergency occurs in your family)


Prayer Requests: #214-363-5471 ext. 304

(call this number if you have a prayer request)


Congregational Care Office: #214-363-5422 ext. 538

(contact this office if you have questions regarding the Good Shepherd Ministry, Extended Care Cooks, Funeral Reception Guild or Welcome Ministry)