Why should I bother with the Church? Why do priests wear crazy clothes? Why should I read the Bible? How many angels would fit on the head of a pin? Do you have questions? Do you need a safe place to start asking them? If you do, then our Inquirer’s Series at Saint Michael and All Angels is the place!


Interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church and the way of life it offers? Whether you’re considering joining Saint Michael or simply need a refresher course, come join us as we learn more about the faith, worship, practices, and essence of the Episcopal Church. For those who are new to Saint Michael, this course will serve as preparation for adults seeking confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church.

Adult confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation will be on Sunday, May 7. For information on this class or to RSVP, please contact Ann Mills (amills@saintmichael.org) or Tish Visinsky (tvisinsky@saintmichael.org).