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This Lent and Easter Seasons we have been asked by our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, for each Episcopalian and Episcopal church to read through the books of Luke and Acts during these seasons. This year’s Saint Michael Lenten Booklet will use the Luke verses that correspond to the Good Book Club series. You can find more information about the Good Book Club at

We are entering a sacred season. Lent is a season that invites us to consider our walk with Christ, to consider the ways in which we follow and act in the world. This is a special time for us as individuals, and this is an especially important time for us as members of this Saint Michael and All Angels faith community.

As you know, our Saint Michael family is looking toward an exciting future, one in which our growth and impact will expand. Jesus’s life and ministry set an example of living for each of us. But Jesus’s death and resurrection call us into the transformative life of the Spirit. In other words, we have been given a spirit of life, anointed by God to share life and hope with every person in our lives.

One of the recurring questions in the Gospels is: Who is my neighbor? Over and over again, Jesus reminds us that every person, regardless of how they look or act, or what they believe, is our neighbor. No one is excluded from God’s invitation to amazing grace, and we are the ones anointed to invite them in.

This year, as you consider your personal walk with Christ, I also invite you to consider how your personal faith is transformed in this Saint Michael community. And also, how, through that transformation, we can make a fresh, renewing, and inspiring impact on our world. May God bless us in this season, and may God prepare us all for the ministry we will do together!




Christopher D. Girata