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Sharing our Saint Michael story with others is a passion of mine. You know that I regularly beat the drum of evangelism, encouraging you to invite your family and friends to join you at Saint Michael worship and other events. But for many of us, telling our faith story is not easy. This Lent, what if telling your family, friends, and neighbors the story of Saint Michael is your Lenten discipline?

As we journey through the season of Lent, we are invited to walk through the wilderness of our own lives. Everyone goes through low points, rough patches, where life is far from what we hope it will be. When we are going through those wilderness periods, we are stripped of the pretense of strength and control that we often carry with us. When the going gets rough, we often can’t go it alone.

One of the phrases I often hear from well-intentioned Christians is God never gives you more than you can handle. I know that idea comes from a good place, but it is not biblical and far from the truth of our created identity. God created us to live in relationship with God and one another. But we were created with the free will to respond to God’s love or not, and respond with love to one another, too. That’s where participation in a church community comes into play.

Telling our stories is important in building relationships that last, relationships that help us change for the better. The struggle of life, from the small frustrations to the desperate heartbreaks, hits us all. You are not alone when you want to shake your fist and let out a big scream! But I hope you know that God loves us, even when we’re a mess, and that hopefulness of God’s love is missing from the lives of so many around us — but we can change that!

This Lent, as you go about your routine, I invite you to consider how God is trying to work in the world through you (yes you!) and when you feel like you want to extend the hand of love to stranger, when you are nudged toward sympathy when you least expect it, or when you get the urge to invite someone to go to church with you, listen! You just might be the light of Christ that God is trying to shine in someone else’s darkness. This Lent, I invite you to share your story of faith, hope, and love as a part of the Saint Michael family, and through you, help to bring about the kingdom of heaven on earth!




Christopher D. Girata