The Mission and Outreach Grants Committee is pleased to announce the grants awarded to qualifying applicants during the 2016 grants cycle.  In 2016, the Grants Committee received two new grant applications in addition to eleven returning applications.  In 2016, the committee had to work to make difficult decisions on funding the successful applicants because the total amount requested by grant applicants exceeded the amount available to award to ministries through the Mission and Outreach Grants program.  In the end, the committee worked diligently and prayerfully to make informed decisions on how to award grants equitably.

Each grant application was reviewed by a member of the committee and then presented to the full committee for further review and clarification on the application.  For local ministries and agencies, members of the committee conducted on-site visits in order to see the ministry in action and to learn more about what support from Saint Michael and All Angels would accomplish in our community.  After two months of researching grant applications and reviewing each application critically, the committee was able to award grants to 12 of the 13 applications received.  Of the 13 applications received, one of the applications did not meet the qualifications for the grant because it was for a ministry that did not directly involve Saint Michael and All Angels parishioners.  Of the 12 successful applications, the committee awarded the following grants to external, partner agencies:

  • Amistad Mission ($12,000)
  • Austin Street Center ($15,000)
  • Jubilee Park and Community Center ($65,000)
  • North Dallas Shared Ministries ($9,000)
  • Our Friends Place ($4,000)
  • Rosebud GLORY Program ($2,500)
  • St. Simon’s After School ($7,000)
  • The Priory in the USA of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem ($3,000)
  • Visting Nurses Association ($15,000)

In addition to the funding provided to partner agencies, the committee also funded the following internal ministries:

Please thank the members of the grants committee (listed below) for their tireless efforts to discern how best to share the resources entrusted to them for the community beyond our parish walls.

Grants Committee Members

  • Paige Wilbur (Chair)
  • Ginger Brown
  • Jun Il Kwun
  • Chris McClung
  • Bob Campbell
  • Kyle Moore
  • Michonne Baker
  • Jed Demler