Dear Friends,

Our church is nearing an exciting moment in its history. Before my arrival, parish leaders started to imagine how we could harness the potential of our campus and, built on the hopefulness expressed in a parish survey of nearly 1,000 respondents, began to develop a plan. When I began in the summer of 2016, I was introduced to this idea and immediately saw the positive impact it could have on our future. With the engagement of years of Saint Michael vestry leaders and the clarity of the Preston Center Task Force study, we are ready to embark on this next chapter of our mission.

Tomorrow, Saint Michael, along with our partner, Lincoln Property Company, are applying for a zoning change with the City of Dallas to allow for a mixed-use development on the northeast portion of our property. This initiative will activate and energize our property in new ways that will allow us to engage more of our neighbors, add more space for our church growth, and provide an increased investment in our common mission and ministry. I see a significant opportunity for Saint Michael and I hope you will join me in supporting our vision for growth in the future.

I have joined Margaret Spellings, Senior Warden, and Stewart Thomas, past Senior Warden and Co-Chair of the Campus Planning Committee, in this video to introduce the initiative to you. We will host numerous sessions in the coming weeks when you and our neighbors will be able to ask questions and provide us with your feedback. Until then, I ask for your continued prayers as we walk into a bright future together!


Chris Girata signature
The Reverend Dr. Christopher D. Girata, Rector