Death Notices

Deceased Date Survived By
Cherrie Perkins Watson Steere Wells 1/22/18 Betsy Bailey, Daughter
Nancy Pierce, Daughter
Nancy Shutt, Sister
Richard Kent Walker, Sr. 1/24/18 Whitney Walker, Daughter
Frances Phillips Jones Barboglio 1/25/18 Jan Barboglio, Daughter
Cristina Lynch, Daughter
Carol Ann Graham Hairston 1/27/18 Elizabeth Keogh (SMES Programs and Church Relations), Daughter
Walker Hairston, Son
Graham Hairston, Son
Rose Belle Seely Hopson 2/2/18 David Hopson, Son
Earnest Gillins 2/4/18 Dollie Smith (SMAA Sexton), Sister-in-Law
Sally Alyce Stocker Maxson 2/8/18

Funeral Notices

Deceased Date and Time Location Survived By
Sally Alyce Stocker Maxson Thursday, March 8 at 11:00 a.m. Saint Michael Chapel

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