Death Notices

Deceased Date Survived By
Dianne Dalton Laros Regan 4/28/17 Angelo Laros, Son
Maryann Phinizy “Mimi” Reese 4/30/17
Gayanne McBrayer Kelley 5/3/17 Kevin Kelley, Son
Rex Miller Telfer 5/8/17 The Rev. Hiltrude Nusser-Telfer (SMAA Priest Associate for Pastoral Care), Sister-in-Law
Dr. George Henry Kakaska 5/15/17 Gwen Kakaska, Daughter
Dr. Benjamin Richard “Dick” Respess 5/16/17 Liz Respess, Wife
Suellen Morris “Susie” Hutchison 5/17/17 Dr. Gary Hutchison, Husband
Nicole Hutchison, Daughter
Crystal Ann Barton Jaster 5/18/17 Courtney Coke, Daughter
Wilson Coke, Son
Junie Smith 5/19/17 Brian Smith, Son

Funeral Notices

Deceased Date and Time Location Survived By
Dr. George Henry Kakaska Saturday, June 3 at 1:00 p.m. Saint Michael Chapel Gwen Kakaska, Daughter

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