Taking Action During Lent

Lent is an opportunity for each of us to remember the incredible love God has for us and to repent and turn toward God in thanksgiving for that love. That turn or re-turn to God is necessary for each of us because we are only human, and our humanity pulls us away from God as we chase the success or security of the world. Instead, as we all learn at some point, the world will fail us, and when we hit the wall, we will find God there waiting for us.

God’s love is certainly a comfort in time of need, but it is also a challenge to change the way we live. During this season of Lent, I have been considering the way that God is working in the world, and I believe that consideration is meant to lead us to a critical question: How does God hope to use us?

It’s hard to imagine that the world isn’t in need of renewal. Almost daily, we are reminded of our own brokenness. And although we can dwell in that sadness or hurt, we are being called into the fray to make a change. That’s the most important shift that we can make on our Lenten journey, one that takes us from re-action to action.

The question of how God hopes to use us is one of purpose. We can consider this question in two important ways, both individually and corporately. As an individual, there are small ways in which we witness to the hopefulness of Christ. Whether that hopefulness manifests as being kind to a stranger, doing something extra special for a friend in need, or simply being present and supportive when you’re not expected to be. No matter how we express that hope, we are each given opportunities to bear witness to Christ’s love every day.

Beyond the individual expressions, we are called into corporate work, too. As a community, we are able to do more when we work together. The Saint Michael church family is one incredible group of people with nearly limitless potential. And perhaps that can seem almost paralyzing. When the sky’s the limit, the first step is often most difficult. So I ask you, as we are travelling this journey of Lent, to pray and listen to how God hopes to use us together as members of this faith family.

In only a few short weeks, we will be reminded of the grand sacrifice that Jesus made in order to show us the truth of love. As we remember and experience His passion story, we will be inspired to follow our own sacrificial path. The mission of the gospel is one that shines light in the darkest places and gives hope to the hopeless. In what ways can Saint Michael continue to expand our impact? In what ways can Saint Michael continue to extend the kingdom of God on earth?

Our journey is far from over, and the work that we do together in this sacred place is work that can quite literally save the world. As we approach the end of our quiet, contemplative season of Lent, I invite you to dream about the impact you want to have both as an individual, and also as a member of this Saint Michael family. However God is calling us, we will go there together, because together, we can do so much more!

Chris Girata

The Reverend Chris Girata, Rector