This is a Season of Transitions

As spring explodes all around us, the trees are thick with new leaves, the days are warming and lengthening, and pollen is making nearly everyone sneeze! Over the next few weeks, students will be graduating and summer activities will begin. We will all be transitioning into the summer swing. And at Saint Michael, during this incredible season of Easter, transitions are all around us, too.

In my experience, people typically don’t like change. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or what you do, most people would prefer, if given the choice, for things to stay the same. In study after study, people from all walks of life and from every age group preferred things that were older to things that are newer. In one study, two groups of people looked at the same painting. The group that was told the painting was created in 1905 described it as more beautiful than the group which was told it was created in 2005. And in another study, participants were given a piece of the exact same chocolate. The group that was told it was a piece of artisan chocolate and had been produced in the same Swiss village for nearly 100 years found it far more delicious than the group that was told the chocolate was a new brand started only 3 years ago.

There is no doubt we love consistency.  I very often say, “Change is inevitable, but transition is not.”  Transition takes energy, and most of us just don’t have a lot of that to spare. But we are invited to welcome transition, to welcome change and transformation for our own good. Indeed, God offers us the incredible opportunity to be transformed through Christ. We can be remade into the people God created us to be!

Over the next few months, we at Saint Michael will continue to live into the transformative power of change. Through the contributions of hundreds of Saint Michael members, we will undergo an exciting renewal of our Church and Parish Hall worship spaces. Together, we exceeded our goal by more than 50% (amazing!). That will allow us to brighten our worship spaces, as well as prepare us to share our worship with hundreds more through our expanding digital presence.

We will also begin welcoming many people into our ministry staff, partners and leaders who will help guide us in new and exciting ways. As I wrote, change is inevitable, but I am also convinced that this change will happen along with a healthy dose of transition.  We have an opportunity to continue to grow into the church God hopes we will be.

Together, and with patience, grace, and hope, we will move courageously into the new life God is putting before us. I ask you to continue to pray for one another, for Saint Michael, and for our shared mission in the world!

Chris Girata



The Reverend Chris Girata, Rector