In the March edition of the Archangel, we launched a new monthly column called the Warden’s Corner, in which Senior Warden Eric Conner will communicate updates on Vestry initiatives and Parish activities.

June 2017 – Feed the Spirit. Find Your +1. Build the Future.

These powerful catch phrases are the themes that will unfold over the coming months.  Shaped by the parish profile and fueled by clergy and lay/staff leadership, these imperatives will serve as the cornerstone of some very exciting initiatives ahead.  The full set of initiatives (think organizational priorities) will be unveiled throughout the summer.  While the Rector’s column will go into deeper detail over the next three issues, I wanted to offer some general thoughts on what these themes embody.

FEED THE SPIRIT.  We are all disciples of Christ with a need to be spiritually fed.  That feeding (while ultimately personal) can be shaped by developing formative and educational opportunities for all ages, by insisting on excellence in the overall worship experience, and by offering new and uplifting ways to serve and be served.

This theme emboldens us to define and own what makes us great and what enriches our own spirit, so that we can fully engage the greater community and share with them the enormous gifts Saint Michael and All Angels has to offer.

FIND YOUR +1.  As has been beautifully engrained in us lately, membership at Saint Michael is about more than just attending.  Explore how Saint Michael defines membership that welcomes and encourages parishioners to find or enrich their +1 (a particular ministry group or small group offering) and gain a deeper sense of community.

This theme also centers on intentionally inviting others to experience this parish, to thoughtfully welcome them, and then to connect them to a +1 experience that feeds their spirit.

BUILD THE FUTURE.  This is a unique time in Saint Michael’s history.   Several transformative events are in process that will help shape the future of the parish:

  • the departure of Episcopal School of Dallas’ lower school
  • the accreditation of the Saint Michael Episcopal School
  • the opportunity to fill several new positions (CFM/Youth, Formation, Music)
  • the potential to physically revamp the main campus
  • the infectious energy and vision of Father Girata

This theme urges us to think boldly, to change the way our systems and technology work, to alter the way our campus looks, to adapt and target the ways we communicate, and to develop partnerships that expand our outreach and enhance our growth.

These themes are indeed t-shirt worthy, and we will want to spread that enthusiasm to all who are willing to engage.  They serve as the critical building blocks to guide us as we move forward on a longer-term vision.  Please join us on this journey.

Eric Conner, Senior Warden