In the March edition of the Archangel, we launched a new monthly column called the Warden’s Corner, in which Senior Warden Eric Conner will communicate updates on Vestry initiatives and Parish activities.

Warden’s Corner – March 2017

I am honored and thrilled to be your new Senior Warden.  It promises to be a very active and forward thinking year – new Rector, new Vestry, new energy, new staff additions and more!  This new addition to the Archangel seeks to provide succinct monthly communications and relevant updates on various Vestry initiatives and Parish activities.

Let me start by introducing the rest of our leadership team: Margaret Spellings (Junior Warden) and Arnold Spencer (Warden at-Large).  We are blessed to have their guidance and talents!

The following items were reviewed and discussed in our February Vestry meeting (note: Vestry meetings are open to all and meeting minutes are posted on the website):

  • Finalization of the 2016 year-end financials, which resulted in a slight cash surplus of ~$18K.
  • Approval of the 2017 operating budget.  Noteworthy items include:
    • Stewardship pledges near record levels ($5.2mm)
    • Approval of a much deserved cost of living increase for staff
    • Approval of three new staff positions: a Contemporary Music Director, Membership Coordinator and Clergy Admin
    • Expectations for hiring a new Formation Director and Asst. Youth Minister
    • Investment in some long overdue capital projects
  • Movement toward accreditation for the Saint Michael Episcopal School, thus creating additional grant opportunities, enhancing the academic profile and cementing the church/school relationship for years to come.
  • Enthusiastic support for the Church/Parish Hall Refresh Initiative (which was highlighted at the Annual Parish Meeting).  What a gift this will be to invest in our sanctuary space and overall worship experience. Please support this important project.

I encourage each of you to engage in spirited and meaningful discussions with your Vestry (those with the special red name tags) as we embark on this exciting new chapter.

In closing, I want to thank our departing Vestry member for their tremendous service to our parish (Matt Waller, Kay Whelan, Rachel Morgan, Tom Rhodus, Peter Beck, and Beth Hise).

Eric Conner, Senior Warden