This webpage is a place for the Senior Warden, Margaret Spellings, to communicate updates on Vestry initiatives and Parish activities.

February 2018

Welcome to the Warden’s Corner for February 2018. The Warden’s Corner is a monthly column where parishioners can find out more about their Vestry’s activities and focus.

For those of you who may be new to the idea of a Vestry, it is similar to the governing body of a nonprofit company.

According to the website of the national Episcopal Church, the vestry is, the “legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property.”

The Vestry is meant to help define the mission of the congregation, supports the church’s mission “by word and deed”, selects the rector of the Church, ensure effective organization, and manage the Church’s resources and finances. The term “Vestry” derives from the room in which parishioners in England used to gather to elect their “churchwardens” each year.

What is a Warden? Each Vestry has a junior and  senior warden. The junior warden is elected by the Vestry, while the rector appoints the senior warden. The national Church website explains that the junior warden is usually responsible for Church property and buildings. At St. Michael, we are fortunate enough to have sextons and a professional operations staff, so our junior warden has a wider role on the Vestry. The senior warden is “a support person for the rector” and leads the parish if there is no rector.

Your next question may be, “What is our Vestry working on now?” As I look ahead to 2018, there are a few things that stand out. First, we will continue to implement the strategic goals described by our Imperatives: Feed the Spirit, Find your +1, Build the Future. We need to support the stewardship team to make sure that we have funds to pay for the good work that we have included in the Church’s budget. As we do our work, we plan to be mindful of the spiritual needs of our parish and each other.

If you have any questions or concerns about our parish life, we would love to hear from you! You can email me.

Margaret Spellings, Senior Warden