In the March edition of the Archangel, we launched a new monthly column called the Warden’s Corner, in which Senior Warden Eric Conner will communicate updates on Vestry initiatives and Parish activities.

Warden’s Corner – April 2017

“People tend to overestimate what can get accomplished in a year and underestimate what can get accomplished in 10 years”.  It was against this backdrop that the Vestry held its annual retreat over a two day period recently.

As a reminder, over 900 parishioners completed a detailed survey in Sept. 2015 that provided rich feedback and commentary (over 3,200 comments) on Saint Michael’s dreams and aspirations and clarified the desired profile for the new rector.  This profile was instrumental in finding such a wonderfully strategic and visionary rector in Chris (who started 9 months ago).  These events provided context and texture to accomplish two key objectives at the retreat: to develop a vision for our church for the next 5-10 years and to discern the accompanying 2017/18 imperatives and initiatives.  These initiatives by design take on three characteristics:

  • They are crafted on one page for conciseness and clarity
  • They are appropriately impactful yet accomplishable by December 2018.
  • They serve as the stepping stones to achieve the grander vision.

The goal is to finalize the initiatives in the next 45 days after the staff and other lay leaders have a chance to review and massage.  Some of the initiatives being considered are:

  • Implementing a member integration program
  • Implementing dynamic technology systems (CRM, web, mobile) to engage and serve our members
  • Finalizing campus plan (after the ESD departure) that will transform Saint Michael
  • Elevating the music program to enhance worship, formation, and educational experiences
  • Supporting the transition and growth of Saint Michael Episcopal School in partnership with the church
  • Instituting processes and support for additional small group ministries

We cannot wait for the final deliverables, as it will determine Saint Michael’s vision for years to come and determine the primary use of our resources (lay leadership, financial and staff) for the next 18 months.

On a different note, we also refinanced the debt on the Lomo Alto building with more competitive and extended terms (thanks to a team headed by Blair Oden).

Finally, the Refresh, Renew and Revive effort is going very well as we proceed toward our $600K goal.  Please take a moment to consider this very important effort to improve our sanctuary space and our overall worship experience.

I encourage each of you to continue to engage in spirited and meaningful discussions with your Vestry (those with the special red name tags) as we help chart our very exciting future.

Eric Conner, Senior Warden