Saint Michael and All Angels is a strong community with grand visions and high aspirations for the impact that our ministries can have on the communities we serve. Ministries grow with the help of lay leaders, volunteers, added staff and enhanced programming. Yet, with those visions come the need for participation of funding and service. Our growth at Saint Michael happens because of your trust in the purpose, priority and directions that we want our ministries to take, your participation in the yearly Stewardship campaigns and your participation in the active work of these ministries.

The yearly Stewardship campaigns set the annual budgets for all ministries to accomplish the new and exciting things that will be a part of propelling the growth our parish. The 2018 campaign is seeing both successes and challenges. There has been a tremendous response to the call of increasing investments by 50% of campaign participants. The average dollar pledge has currently risen by 10% – which is GREAT! This year the greatest challenge is that there have been thus far 100 fewer families participating, which directly affects the total amount. Your financial participation is paramount to the work that we collectively want to do.

Many associate that the word “Stewardship” with money. If we had to give it a name, I guess that is what it is yet being a steward of the goodness that God has bestowed on your life also involves the giving of your time and participation (that word has come up quite a bit in this article) of your talents. Ministries are what we make them. Without you, they are nothing. Without you, meeting rooms and service sites would be empty. Being “church” – God’s hands in this world – happens when your hands dig into your faith.

You are here at Saint Michael for a reason. Walk with us in being the reason why we grow and prosper!