The Vision for Adult Formation is:

To empower all adults, through education and experience, to engage in a lifelong process of growing in their relationship to God and to one another, thereby enhancing the application of faith in their daily interactions in the world.

Saint Michael is a strong community of faith. Adult Formation is committed to providing opportunities for parishioners of all ages to learn the interesting, challenging and relevant ways that our Christian faith impacts our daily lives. All classes, retreats, lectures, seminars, and program events are designed to reflect the Core Values of Adult Formation in our parish:

  • Claiming our Episcopal identity through scripture, reason, and traditions of the church
  • Presenting programming relevant to parishioners’ daily lives
  • Augmenting spiritual growth
  • Providing opportunities for fellowship and community building
  • Developing strong adult education leadership
  • Working cooperatively with other Saint Michael departments on joint programming

Adult Formation Programs available at Saint Michael: